VMK is the high-tech extrusion plant. Our aim is efficient extrusion production; to achieve it we constantly invest into the premises and machinery.

VMK today is:

  • Remelt facility,
  • Extrusion line 18MN,
  • Extrusion line 28MN,
  • Logistic area.

Machinery list:

  1. Remelt facility

  • Remelt oven with regenerative burners and electromagnetic mixing,
  • Mixer,
  • HOT TOP casting table.

2. Extrusion line 18MN, year of manufacturing 2008

  • Short stroke, front loading PRESEZZI extrusion press,
  • Double length handling system.

3. Extrusion line 28MN, year of manufacturing 2013

  • Short stroke extrusion, front loading PRESEZZI extrusion press,
  • Flying cut handling system.

4. Two labs

  • Metallurgical lab (chemical composition, hydrogen content, macrostructure),
  • Mechanical lab (geometrical dimensions, surface roughness, mechanical properties).