Aluminium profiles

Thanks to own remelt production we can assure metal quality of our profiles

We produce the following alloys

  • EN-AW 6060,
  • EN-AW 6063,
  • EN-AW 6005A.


The wide range of aluminium profiles can be extruded on our extrusion lines 18MN (7’) and 28MN(9’).



Press capacity 18 МN 28 МN
Billet dia 178 mm (7') 228 mm (9')
Circumscribe circle    
 - Solid profiles 165 mm 295 mm
 - Hollow profiles 125 mm 280 mm
Cooling Air Air
Weight kg/m 0,2 kg/m ? 5 kg/m До 14 kg/m
Max commercial length 8 m 8 m
Min commercial length 2 m 2 m


The quality product must be packaged with care.

We provide wide range of packaging options.

The standard packaging provides relative protection. The packages can be stacked easily. The most efficient possible use of track’s space.

Scheme of packaging and used materials are agreed with customer even with standard packaging option.

Customized packaging

If there are any specific requirements:

  • Long distance transportation,
  • Anodizing,
  • Export,
  • length more than 7 m,
  • Client’s log on the package.

We can work it with you and create the very best packaging solution for your product. Our sales manager will be happy to discuss all the details with you (>)